Tuesday, 22nd March, 2022

[Day 736]

Well, today was the not best of days as we shall discover. At various times last night, I was testing our computer systems to see if internet access had been restored- at my sons suggestion, I turned the router off and then back on again but all of this was to no avail. Via 4-G on our phones, we got onto PlusNet to see what could be done. This included a HELP! call to PlusNet who informed us that the connection down as far as our socket seemed to be OK. My son nd I started work on this lot at 6.15 this morning and we managed to ascertain (although my son is much technical than I) that the problem lay in our router. As a complicating factor, as I am taking over this account I had specified a new email contact and password so we were wondering whether some kind of conflict had been set up and hence we kept on getting ‘failure to authorise’ messages. My son got onto PlusNet and they tried to guide him through what we could possibly do – we had to resort to a bent paper clip and a reset back to factory settings on a number of occasions. At the other end, they thought that we would have to gave recourse to a BT engineer to sort us out. Then between us, my son and I (more him than me) decided to access the router diretly though its own IP address which is a set of four numbers. Eventually, after quite a long wait we had to go through the procedure of an admin password and then my son remembered (or had got written down somewhere) the routers own password that we had used when we set up the sysem about 8 years ago. After a wait of about a minute or so we found that our internet access had been restored. In the meanwhile, we still have an engineer booked between 8.00am and 1.00pm tomorrow so we decided not to cancel this particular call.This is becaise we think that we can probably port our landline number across to PlusNet which, if it works OK, will save us about £25.00 a month. The person at the other end of the phone (the PlusNet employee) thought we could ‘probably’ port our number over but we thought it would still be worthwhole to talk with an actual telecoms engineer before we take a decision. So all of these shenanigans took us the best part of four hours but we felt a little exhausted, but relieved, one we had got things fixed. Last night’s blog had already been written ain a text editor so it was a simple job to cut a cut-and-paste followed by a ‘publish’ button.

Meg and I decided decided that we should still have some to get into the park so we went and occupied our normal bench. Then we met up with out University of Birmingham friend as well as Seasoned World Travellor but we had a little chat before all gping on our various ways, as we all had other things to do this morning. I then walked down to my weely Plates sessionbut we were a little light today with only three of us. The after an hours stretches, it was a stroll up the hill and a lunch of fish cakes. This afternoon, I felt pretty exhausted what wih the potential after-effects of vaccination jab No. 4 and all of the turmoils of this morning. It was a pretty warm day when I walked down for my Pilates, so in retrospect I could have duspennsed wit a jumper.

Some news coming out of Kyiv, which is probably just propaganda, is that some 220 Russian troops are refusing to take part in the invasion (presumably, further pushes into the cities which may involve fighting almost hand-to-hand and street by street. We know that the morale of the Russian conscript forces is quite low in various places. Another argument that is being used to buttress the first argument is that the Ukranians are putting it about that the whole invasion can almost be over in some 2-3 weeks. Evidently, there are some major towns such Mariupol that may be considered a lost cause. But In Kyiv and Lviv which are incredibly stoutly defended, the amount of resistance is inspiring. There have been one or two video clips of the population coming out ‘en masse’ to confront the invading tanks which rather than advancing just retreat. An American tank commander has expressed the view 'That’s a lack of training. You’ve got to get off the roads to maneuver. The roads are death traps, particularly for armored vehicles, particularly when you’re fighting people that have good anti-tank systems, and the Ukrainians do have good anti-tank systems.'' Moreover, I suspect that the British and others have been piling in shoulder-held anti-tank missiles into the Ukraine in in great volumes and this has helped to even up the score somewhat.