Thursday, 7th September, 2023

[Day 1270]

I started the day with a little experiment to see if I could use my iPad to compose my daily blogs – if I am successful this would be quite liberating because I could start off with my iPad in one room but do the finishing off, as it were, on my laptop in the living room. In my first little experiment, I have managed to compose a bit of text (this blog so far) and then save the file. This file I can send to myself via my own email and from this, on my laptop computer, I can copy the text composed so far into my working html file in which each blog entry is written. This has worked fine so far so I am just extending this entry and then sending it again to prove the first time was not a fluke.

We decided that it might be quite a good idea to visit Droitwich today but to visit one of our old haunts which was a large cafe that served light meals as well as lunches. In fact, we went there a month or so back but had a terrible time as there was an unaccompanied and unsupervised Tourette’s syndrome sufferer who made our meal intolerable to us as there was a constant stream of shouted imprecations in the background. Anyway, we were recognised and greeted in the cafe but it took me all my time to get Meg there as she was exceptionally wobbly again today and although she had not chosen the option of the wheelchair, this would have been the better course of action. We had nice hot cappuchinos and some homemade scones with cream and jam. When we had finished this, I realised that i would never get Meg around the Wilko store which was my initial plan but we had better make straight for home. There was a very friendly assistant in the cafe who offered to sit with Meg and talk with her whilst I collected the car from round the corner. This proved to be a life saver and I never turn down help these days. It transpired that she too was a Catholic and her mother-in-law had sufferered a frailty similar to Meg so she was incredibly sympathetic and even helped Meg out of the cafe and into the car which all proved rather troublesome. This is now the third occasion that Meg has had to be helped out of a cafe and into the car and I am not sure how much longer I have to rely upon the kindness of complete strangers.

After we made for home, it was so hot and humid that we decided to make ourselves a salad lunch. We called at a local ‘One Stop‘ quite near the the route that we have to take on the way home and bought some salad and coleslaw from which we made quite a filling salad to complement the quiche that we had scheduled for lunch. After lunch, we tried to have quite a restful afternoon but Meg found it difficult to settle. We treated ourselves to some ice-cream half way through the afternoon and we had a little spell outside on the garden bench to give Meg a bit of a change of scene and some fresh air. I read on the media that these few days in September are breaking all records as a mini heatwave and normally, we would expect much cooler and fresher air. Tonight, I think I am going to have to fling open some windows to allow a flow of air through the house to cool things down a little to make sure that we can have a restful night.

There was an amazing story that surfaced in the media this afternoon. Police interrupted a peaceful yoga class after people seen lying on the floor were mistaken for a ‘mass killing’. Officers stormed the Seascape Cafe inside the North Sea Observatory in Chapel St Leonards, Lincolnshire, after a concerned member of the public raised the alarm. But they were greeted by surprised and bemused people taking part in a meditation session on Wednesday night. Sky News is also reporting tonight that former Tory whip Chris Pincher has resigned his seat after losing his appeal against a proposed Commons suspension for drunkenly groping two men. It means the government will face another by-election. The Parliament’s standards committee found the Tamworth MP groped two men at London’s Carlton Club. It described his ‘completely inappropriate’ behaviour as an ‘abuse of power’. Mr Pincher, who had been sitting as an independent MP, had previously announced he would be standing down at the next election. However, on Monday he lost an appeal against the proposed eight-week suspension. I have started watching the Sophie Ridge show on the Sky News channel at 7.0pm instead of my usual diet of the Channel 4 news. This has got off to quite a promising start and her interviewing style is pointed without being too threatening to the politicians. Tonnight, we are promised some revelations of how a terror suspect dressed in a chef’s outfit has escaped jail by clinging to the bottom of a food delivery van. It sounds like the improbable plot of a film but there are masses of questions for the prison service to answer in this particular case.