Modernising Government

Foreword by

The Prime Minister, Tony Blair

The Government has a mission to modernise renewing our country for the new millennium. We are modernising our schools, our hospitals, our economy and our criminal justice system. We are modernising our democratic framework, with new arrangements for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the English regions, Parliament and local authorities.

But modernisation must go further. It must engage with how government itself works. Modernising government is a vital part of our programme of renewal for Britain. The old arguments about government are now outdated big government against small government, interventionism against laissez-faire. The new issues are the right issues: modernising government, better government, getting government right.

Modernising Government is a significant step forward in what is a long-term programme of reform. It puts in place a number of important initiatives, and sets out an agenda for the future. But in line with the Government's overall modernisation programme, in line with our policy of investment for reform, it is modernisation for a purpose: modernising government to get better government for a better Britain.


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Prepared 30 March 1999