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Mike Hart

  • What is IT WORKS FOR ME?
  • A series of teaching tips and hints that appear to 'work well for me' and which I would like to pass on in the spirit of sharing good practice.
  • If you have any similar 'It works for me' contributions you would like to make, why not email them to me so that I can add them to the

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    Mike HartFeedback on Assignments
    This practice works for a more discursive subject and might not work for other (e.g. statistical) subjects

  • Set an assignment early for about Week 5 or 6 (also avoids congestion at the end of term)
  • Promise a turn-around in either one week or two
  • indicate to students that the mark is provisional and assignments will not be returned until after the 'quality control' process
  • devote the whole of a teaching session (or more!) giving each student 10 minutes of 'quality time'
  • this ensures that they understand your comments and recognise the strong and weak points in their assignment
  • photocopy top, middle, bottom of sample for 'quality control' purposes (to put in the module box)

  • This also has the following consequences-
  • vacations get 'liberated' if marking can be squeezed into the term-time
  • end of module evaluation forms tend to show appreciation
    David RushOne minute feedback
    Devote one minute at the end of each teaching session to determine
  • What they gave learnt in the class
  • Points that they have found difficult or do not fully understand
    Mike HartElectronic coversheets
  • I have been experimenting with electronic coversheets, submitted by students to public space provided by Yahoo Briefcase. For full
         details, read the 'Brief' document on the website
  • The intention is that I fill in the coversheets electronically so that students can now read my comments (and I also have an easily
          accessible record of each one)
    Mike HartElectronic module evaluation
    I have been investigating (with David Rush) ways of getting on-line module evaluation. These are my efforts so far:
  • Mid-semester:
  • End of module:
  • Documentation can be read on:
  • Here is a link to a .pdf file which diagrams the processes involved: